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Assisted Fundraising

A managed fundraising service
for busy founders.

Fundraising shouldn't feel like a chore. Partner with Funden to build your strategy, perfect your pitch deck, and make warm intros to more than 1000 in-network VCs.

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Funden™ Assisted Fundraising - A managed fundraising platform for busy founders | Product Hunt
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Successful managed fundraising campaigns


Partner VCs and funds investing into Funden startups


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Warm intros made between founders and funds

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Assisted Fundraising

All the hustle,
none of the hassle

Partner with the Funden team to accelerate your fundraising.

Funden AI - AI powered investor lists

Perfect your pitch deck

Your deck (and what you say about it) is the most important element of your fundraise. Work with our team of VCs and industry experts to perfect your pitch and build a strategy that will resonate with your target investors. Good decks close rounds.

Hands-on strategic guidance from VCs and industry experts based on your competition and market

Actionable suggestions to make your deck more clear, persuasive, and effective

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Funden AI - AI powered investor lists

Outsource the hassle

Identifying relevant investors is time-consuming and difficult. Let our team build you a list of relevant investors within the Funden Investor Network based on the stage of your company, your fundraising ask, and your market.

Find targeted investors across regions and sectors within the Funden Investor Network

Laser-focused outreach plans to ensure you're only talking to suitable investors

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Browse investors with confidence score

Warm intros to partner funds

Get intros to more than 1000+ top-tier VCs directly from Funden. We partner with funds that invest in every region, vertical, and stage.

Get warm email intros to VCs that actively source deals from Funden

Intros are proven to be 10x more effective than cold outreach

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Who partners with Funden?

Hundreds of global VCs, angel investors, family firms, and more.

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